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Why I went with Kings of War and not WFB

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Author Topic: Why I went with Kings of War and not WFB  (Read 1964 times)

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« on: December 05, 2011, 03:05:47 pm »

This will seem like I'm just talking about why I like Mantic, but it will eventually answer the question. Wink

My friends and I had gotten more and more tired of WFB.  We loved playing huge fantasy battles, but the constant swing in army styles and the changes in rules from edition to edition (that didn't fix anything) were bothersome.  Since we normally only played wargames a handful of times a year, remembering all the various rules was a bother.  It was more of a bother when you'd be remembering a rule from a previous edition.  And then, there were so many times when the rules were unclear that we were all getting really disenchanted.  It was to the point that our annual Nerdvana fest, which was originally started specifically play WFB, saw a Nerdvana where absolutely no games of WFB were played because it wasn't fun.  Playing a huge battle was an exercise in frustration, and it would take an immense number of  hours to finish.

Then add the ever creeping cost of GW minis and a sense of disquiet was buliding.

Over the course of this time, GW also produced LotR, and I liked the game pretty well, but what I really, really liked were the miniatures.  Natural proportions.  Weapons that could actually be used by the model carrying them.  Aha!  And I remembered how long it took for me to finally talk myself into liking the Citadel style.  And with one fell swoop, GW had completely disenchanted me with their products.

Along comes rumor of a company called Mantic.  I found their website and signed up to wait and watch, listening to the sound of blowing winds on the webpage, and got to see a picture of an elf appear over time.  The elves didn't enchant me, but I bought some to support a young company.  Then a guy I had jousted back and forth with on Warseer was working sales for Mantic.  He sent me a sprue of skeletons to check out and I was utterly hooked.

I loved the new minis, and wanted to play, but I didn't really take a shine to any of the games out there.  I was looking at the Conqueror ruleset (which is pretty nifty) but was thinking about writing my own set of rules and playing around with the idea to have a cool game to play.  And just as I was starting (and seeing how hard it can be), Mantic announced they were doing a rule set and Alessio Cavatorre was doing it.  So I figured I'd sit tight.

The rules came out and I was instantly hooked.  They weren't perfect, but they were simple, clean and (mostly) clear.  I demoed the game for our group and within 30 minutes, everyone knew how to play.  Then we'd play a game, finish it, tweak the armies and play again in the same amount of time we could have played 1 game of WFB.  Add to that the fact that creating army lists was much faster, and the whole game just worked well.

When I want to play a wargame, I want to spend minutes on a list, and a little while playing a satisfying wargame.  KoW does this in spades.  It's not flawless, and there are still a few issues, but it's a great, fun game even with those issues, and it has won over our entire group as our wargame of choice.
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