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Edits, Errors, Clarifications and Suggestions for Warpath 1st Ed Rules

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Author Topic: Edits, Errors, Clarifications and Suggestions for Warpath 1st Ed Rules  (Read 683 times)

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« on: November 12, 2011, 12:22:51 pm »

and picking up where I got tired last night...

Page 13, Stealthy, Para 1.
Change "...more than 12" from an enemy unit." to "...more than 12" from all enemy units."

Clarification.  Why can't you drop the part about having to be outside of their deployment area?  If they decided to turtle up in 1 corner, why shouldn't your Stealthy unit be able to start in their zone?  Is there really a balance issue here?  It seems like the 12" distance requirement should normally make this a non-issue.

Page 14, Armour Special Rules, Open Top, Para 4.
Clarification.   "The drawback for all these bonuses is that Open Top vehicles have a considerably lower Def value, as the enemy shooting can cut down the crew and hit other vital components from the inside."  The entire paragraph doesn't seem to have any rules within it, although I think it's supposed to.

Maybe change it to say, "Open Top vehicles typically have a considerably lower Def value than other vehicles. The enemy can still target a unit in an Open Top vehicle."

If that's the case, then a note about cover should be applied, such as, "A unit inside an Open Top vehicle counts as having Hard Cover against all shooting attacks targeted at it."

Page 15, Time Games, Be Nice!, Para 2.
Suggestion: Remove this entire paragraph.  How can you correctly handle Regrouping moves after melee if the enemy unit is left on the table top?  You can't.  Units need to be removed during the turn they were destroyed.

Page 16, Game Scenarios, 3) Terrain - Alien Worlds, Para 1.
Change "...if the is quite a lot..." to "...if there is quite a lot..."

Page 16, Game Scenarios, 5) Engagement Brief, Scorched Earth, Para 1.
Possibly add some clarification about what to do if there is no legal place for an objective marker to be placed.  Something like, "If you cannot place an objective marker more than 12" from all other objective markers and outside of both players' deployment zones, then placement of markers ends."
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