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News: First photo's of the Corporation sculpts are shown. See them in the Corporation subforum.
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1  Forum Issues / Forum Suggestions / Re: Army Board Order on: July 23, 2011, 09:38:25 pm
Alphabetical. Because that's how I roll.
2  Kings of War / Undead / Re: Wraiths on: June 27, 2011, 05:33:10 am
I've never played against wraiths, but I imagine they'd be perfect against warmachines. Get them behind enemy lines, then there's a serious problem.
3  Kings of War / Dwarfs / Re: The trouble with dwarves on: June 20, 2011, 05:09:48 pm
Some big heroes.  King on Throne,

I've always believed that dwarves should have access to giant animated statues and golems. You could call them "ancestor statues". That'd be awesome.
4  Kings of War / Dwarfs / Re: The trouble with dwarves on: June 19, 2011, 06:55:36 pm
Dwarves could benefit from a number of things:

1) Even heavier, plate-armored infantry.
2) Heavier warmachines, particularly with the Indirect rule.
3) Miners.
4) Some way of mitigating ranged attacks.
5) Crossbows need to be given something so that they aren't simply the worst ranged weapons.
5  General Category / Mantic Fanatic Player Locator / Re: Columbia Maryland Players on: June 19, 2011, 06:38:28 pm
I live pretty close by to Columbia... relatively. Actually, I live in Fairfax, VA. The only place I know that sells Mantic is the Game Parlor... unfortunately, as a "niche" game, they hike the prices until they're actually just as expensive as GW. My local store is Victory Comics, but I'm probably the only Mantic player there if not the whole of Virginia.
6  Warpath / General Warpath Discussion / Re: GW vs. Mantic, hypothetical cost comparison on: June 19, 2011, 06:30:03 pm
Keep in mind, assuming a starter set is bought and all the models are used, the sets save about $40-50 versus buying each unit individually. This could mean a new set could cost as low as $150.
7  Warpath / General Warpath Discussion / GW vs. Mantic, hypothetical cost comparison on: June 19, 2011, 06:12:32 pm
Out of curiosity, I composed a 1,000 point, "intro" Tau army list that a new player might have, then tried to calculate costs using Mantic prices and GW prices. Here are what I used:

Tau Army List (Jungle-fighting cadre)

Shas'el [50] [total: 111]
Airbursting Fragmentation Projector [20], Flamer [4], Missle pod [12]
Command and Control Node [10], Multi-Tracker [5], Vectored Retro-Thrusters [10], Blacksun Filter [5]

Fire Warrior Team [98]
7 Shas'la, 1 Shas'ui
Photon Grenades [8]

Fire Warrior Team [98]
7 Shas'la, 1 Shas'ui
Photon Grenades [8]

Kroot Combat Squad [161]
19 Kroot, 1 Kroot Shaper

Stealth Team [117]
2 Shas'ui, 1 Shas'vre
Markerlight [10], Fusion Blaster [2]

Fast Attack
Pathfinder Team [157]
4 Shas'la, 1 Shas'ui
Photon Grenades [5]
Devilfish [80], Sensor Spines [10]

Skimmer Team [160]
1st Skimmer
Sensor Spines [10], Seeker Missile [10]
2nd Skimmer
Sensor Spines [10], Seeker Missile [10]

Heavy Support
Sniper Drone Team [80]

Standard GW price

1 Commander $30.00
2 Kroot Squads @ $35.00 ea. $70.00
1 Kroot Shaper $11.50
2 Pirahna @ $25.00 ea. $50.00
2 Pathfinder Teams @ $15.00 ea. $30.00
1 Pathfinder Shas'ui $15.00
1 Sniper Droneteam $38.00
2 Fire Warrior Teams @ $35.00 ea. $70.00
1 Tau Stealth Team $15.00
1 Devilfish $35.00

Total: $364.50

Using default, GW pricing, this army list would cost $364.50. Keep in mind I would have to buy a whole lot of additional boxes, for example, to get the 16 firewarriors I'd need I'd have to buy 2 boxes of Tau warriors (and 2 boxes of Kroot), in addition to an additional squad of Pathfinders just to get the 4 I needed.

All I have to say about this... I'm really sorry. Holy flying dungheap, that's just for a 1,000 pt army! I can't even imagine what a Imperial Guard army would cost (which is what I've always been attracted to).

Hypothetical Mantic price, if they made Tau
Extrapolating from Mantic's current pricing, I made some assumptions.

1) Non-standard infantry would come in resin packs of 10, for $25, like the wraiths.
2) Light tanks would be equivalent to a warmachine, so $15.
3) Medium tanks would be equivalent to a regiments, so $25.
4) Regular infantry can be bought at quantities and prices of standard Mantic infantry.
5) Sniper Droneteam would be equivalent to a warmachine.
6) The Crisis Suit, being a heavy model, would be the equivalent of a Mounted Vampire.
7) Unit attachments and options are included with the plastic kit.

That being said:
1 Commander $20
1 Kroot Squad $25
2 Pirahnas @ $15 ea.
1 Pathfinder Team $25
1 Sniper Droneteam $15
1 Fire Warrior Team $25
1 Tau Stealth Team $25
1 Devilfish $25

Total: $190

Even with Mantic getting started isn't cheap, but the numbers speak for themselves. We haven't even considered the box sets, which could probably reduce the Mantic price even further. I didn't even include the Tau Codex and the cost of the rulebook!

I'm pretty sure that, by tailoring the army list, it might be possible to save a lot on the 40k list by choosing point-expensive options and keeping the squad sizes close to the box sizes, but it feels like cost dictates the army list more than strategy. It certainly would with me.

Anyways, hope you found this interesting.
8  General Category / General Discussion / Re: One more step towards global domination on: May 23, 2011, 11:46:24 pm
It's the C&D they sent to raging heroes, banning them from selling their awesome lamassu model that I wanted to buy at some point, for the abssyal dwarfs.

Well, obviously, they'd want to C&D that. GW invented the concept of a lammasu. </end sarcasm>

In posting to a guy who works for Privateer Press, I think I just hit on the best ad campaign for Mantic.

"For everyone in the Southern Hemisphere, take advantage of our Antipodean Super Sale!  xx% off on our products from now until June 1st when GW's new pricing policy takes effect.  Try as they might, GW can't compete with the stuff in our A.S.S.!"

That would awesome. I'd move to New Zealand just to take advantage of that sale. And also to get the f*** out of the States.
9  General Category / News & Rumours / Re: Beasts of War taken off YouTube. on: May 23, 2011, 11:39:18 pm
Willful and flagrant? I can't think of a single thing that would fit into this category that BoW has done. It's too bad, BoW is probably the most entertaining channel about miniwargaming on youtube.
10  General Category / General Discussion / What do you think the theme of the human army will be? on: May 20, 2011, 03:15:57 pm
I'm eager to see what kind of take on humans Mantic will take. Based on a couple of assumptions: that the new human army must make good substitutes for WHFB Empire, and that so far, the factions have been analogous to a WHFB faction, I really think that Mantic will for the "landsknecht" (? did I spell that right) theme, but what I'm hoping they'll do is go for a more "English civil war" feel. What do you think?
11  Kings of War / Elves / Re: Should Mantic do a Wood Elf army? on: May 20, 2011, 03:07:07 pm
I'd rather see a human army first. I'm eager to see what sort of humans they release.
12  General Category / News & Rumours / Re: First concept art of Mantic's Sci Fi game on: May 20, 2011, 03:04:10 pm
I guess this is Mantic's way of trying to revive squats... I can't say that "space dwarves" work for me but considering the khaos dwarves it might actually be a good move for them...

The 2 Space Dwarf vehicles look cool!  Not so fussed on the rest...

Yeah, I like the bikey feel of the things.

I'm also wondering after having so many vehicles shown, and taking into account the cost and profitability of making these in 28mm, if Mantic isn't considering making their SciFi game in a smaller scale. I don't play any scifi based games, but how many vehicles could actually be used if these were scaled for 28mm? Wouldn't you need a fairly large playing surface to allow for manuverabilty of fast moving vehicles? It seems to me a smaller scale would allow for more models on the table, which would mean more models sold and help ensure Mantic makes it's money back on the molds for the sprues.

My thoughts exactly. I always felt 40k was too large a scale for tank battles and such... the table is too small to really maneuver tanks properly and weapons like the Basilisk felt like bringing a mortar to a paintball game. Epic Armageddon got it right in my mind with all the fighters and artillery and giant mechs and hordes of infantry. This is part of the reason I strongly prefer fantasy 28mm when possible -- it feels like they are appropriately sized given the table and the nature of the strategy.
13  General Category / News & Rumours / First concept art of Mantic's Sci Fi game on: May 20, 2011, 02:51:08 am
Check out this BoW video:

Check about 3/4 through.
14  The Games Room / Army Lists / Re: Expanding Mhorgoth's Revenge on: May 05, 2011, 06:49:19 pm
I got some feedback on mine that only having one source of Dark Surge is going to slow down the undead a bit. That said, you might just have enough solid blocks to advance through the ranged attacks.

Don't know enough about the stunties to comment.

Interesting. I was hoping that the ghouls would be able to tie up the enemy long enough to allow my warriors to advance, that's what happened in the one battle I've had. Another idea would be to have a screening force of zombie troops to soak damage until the skellies can be brought up.
15  The Games Room / Army Lists / Expanding Mhorgoth's Revenge on: May 05, 2011, 02:33:46 am
I made two army lists to expand my Undead and Dwarf collections into 1,000 point armies. How about...

Undead Horde

Solid Units (445pts)

Revenant Regiment (130pts)
banner (15pts), musician (10pts)

Skeleton Regiment (105pts)
banner (15pts), musician (10pts)

Skeleton Regiment (120pts)
banner (15pts), musician (10pts), spears (15pts) (Phalanx)

Zombie Regiment (90pts)

Units (265pts)

Ghoul Troop (45pts)

Ghoul Troop (45pts)

Wraiths (125pts)
Crushing Strength (1), Fly, Shambling

Zombie Half-Regiment (50pts)

War Engines (140pts)

Balefire Catapult (70pts)
Indirect Fire, Piercing (2), Shambling

Balefire Catapult (70pts)
Indirect Fire, Piercing (2), Shambling

Heroes/ Monsters (145pts)

Army Standard Bearer (25pts)
Individual, Inspiring, Shambling

Revenant King (120pts)
Crushing Strength (1), Dark Surge (6), Individual, Inspiring

Dwarf King

Solid Units (420pts)

Ironclad Regiment (135pts)
banner (15pts), musician (10pts)

Ironclad Regiment (135pts)
banner (15pts), musician (10pts)

Shieldbreakers Regiment (150pts)
Crushing Strength (1)
banner (20pts), musician (15pts)

Units (275pts)

Berserkers Half-Regiment (115pts)
banner (15pts), musician (10pts)

Ironwatch Troop (80pts)
rifles (15pts) (Piercing (1))

Ironwatch Troop (80pts)
rifles (15pts) (Piercing (1))

War Engines (140pts)

Ironbelcher Cannon (70pts)
Elite (if within 6" of a Warsmith), Piercing (3)

Ironbelcher Organ Gun (70pts)
Elite (if within 6" of a Warsmith), Piercing (1), Range 24"

Heroes/ Monsters (160pts)

Army Standard Bearer (30pts)
Individual, Inspiring

King (130pts)
Crushing Strength (1), Individual, Inspiring

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